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Basic operations mostly refers to setting up guest requests within the Content Management System (CMS) and fulfilling submitted guest requests through the Request Management System (RMS). Advanced operations mostly refers to request routing and user account settings found within the Staff Management System.



Forms are the questions you want to ask your guest to make sure you have all the information you need to fulfill their request!


Enabling Requests

The Request tab on Page Items allows you to enable the item to be requested as well as direct the request to certain teams and departments (configurable through Request Settings).

Operations 2

Request Management

When a guest submits a request, you can view and fulfill their request in the Request Management System.


Messaging Tool

When handling a request, the Messaging Tool's two-way chat is the best way to communicate with your guests. Simply select the blue messaging bubble at the bottom of a request ticket.

Operations - Messaging Tool



Departments, Teams, and Staff Users are used to make sure the right staff at the hotel can view and respond to requests.


Request Settings

Request settings can be added to Teams to define how requests are setup and configured.

Request Settings

The Type will determine whether a guest can submit one request at a time (Direct) or add multiple items before submitting their request (Cart). The Cart Type is recommended for Room Service ordering.

Advanced Options - Request Settings


Make sure all your requests are received by setting up email and text Staff Alerts to notify you when requests come in or aren’t handled.

Advanced Options - Alerts

Messaging Templates

Messaging Templates can be set up for easy responding to guests.

Advanced Options - Messaging Templates


Some requests should only be available to guests of the hotel, states allow you to restrict requests to in-house and pre-arrival guests.

Advanced Options - States

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