How to Set Up Guest Services

Set up guest services for guests to request.

1. Create an Item

Create your guest service items in an appropriate category. For example, if your app already has a Guest Services category (ie Housekeeping, Check-In/Out) then you can add new service items there.

Learn how to create an item and how to add a description

2. Enable Requests and Select Request Profile

You must enable requests and select a request profile.

3. Create Forms

Forms include questions, answer/choice options and text fields which can be used to collect responses from your guest once she or he places a request.

Learn how to create forms and form questions.

4. Apply Forms to Request-Enabled Items

You must complete Step 2 before proceeding.

Apply the form(s) to the item in the order you want them to appear.

NOTE: We recommend applying an 'Additional Comments' form (containing a Large text input area) to each item, where applicable, so that the guest can make any special requests. Apply this form last.

Learn how to apply forms

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