Content - Items

Items appear as single pages of content.

Add Items

Select "+ Add New" in the column you wish to place the New Item in, then select "Item".

The New Item will then be added to the appropriate column and you can edit the category's details on the right-hand panel.

Edit Item Content

Items have the most editing options, including: General, Content, Images, Request Profile, Forms, Contact, Links and Location.

General Settings. Edit the Category's Title, Short Description and main Content.

Content. Manage the main description

Access. Control who can see the Item.

Images. Choose from previously uploaded photos or directly upload photos.

Files. Upload a file.

Request Profile. Apply a request profile.

Forms. Apply a question Form if the item can be requested.

Contact. Provide basic contact information.

Links. Add and rename web links.

Location. - Display an address that users can open directions to.

Delete Items

Select the Item you wish to delete, then select the red trash icon from the upper right-hand corner.

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