Start Customizing Your Event

Please log in to the Portal using the link and credentials provided to you by the Hotel Event Coordinator.

Select "Content Management" from the left-hand menu.

Browse layout templates and select the one which best suits your meeting or event type. You can easily edit these categories afterwards.

Start adding items to these event categories to build out more information. Within the items, you can apply photos, add descriptions, times and more.

Each pre-made category has a certain layout in the app. The following includes content recommendations and instructions for each section:

Schedule. Allows you to create individual time-stamped items or sessions that attendees can expand to view more information. Learn how to add individual sessions to your Schedule.

General Info. Create a new item in the Event category to have it appear on main event page. This main event content can include an image and a brief description.

Speakers. Add Speakers to your event to provide attendees with a speaker's career summary, contact info and social media handles.

Surveys. Create Surveys to add to your schedule sessions.

NOTE: To preview event content in the application, you must first add the group code.

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