How to Use SendApp, the Runtriz Referral Tool

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Benefits of SendApp
Locating the SendApp
Sharing the platform


Guests who book through an OTA do not receive pre-arrival communications. The new Runtriz Referral Tool allows you to send them the Guest Engagement platform.

Locating the SendApp field

Find the referral tool at the top right corner of the screen.

Share platform with all arriving guests

To send the guests a link to the app, you can enter either the guest's email:

Or, their SMS number:

A green message bubble will pop up if the link has been sent successfully.

Please be advised that the Send App will no longer work with cell phone numbers. If a staff member attempts to use the Send Guest App with a cell phone number the following message will be shown:

Otherwise, a red error message will show up:

If you encounter this, check if the email or SMS number is valid.

Successful Email and Text Example

If the email is valid, guests will receive the email, instantly providing a link to the web-based Guest Engagement Platform.

Email Example

Text Example

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