Runtriz Getting Started Guide


Not only is it important to market your app's features, but you'll also need to provide an easy way for guests to access your app. The more users, the better! You can find many of the tools below in your Portal's Runtriz Dashboard.

Available Portal Tools

The easiest way to get guests to your app is with a direct link! Simply select the "Application" Page in the Content Management System and copy the link from "View in App".

Marketing - Link

Adding the app to your hotel's Wi-Fi splash/landing page allows guests to immediately access the app right when they connect to your Wi-Fi network. Contact your IT person for setup assistance.

Marketing - Wifi Link

Pre-Arrival Email

Add a link to your hotel's pre-arrival email template that way guests can start planning their stay, and easily check-in!

Marketing - Email

QR Code

Add this QR code to any printed material to easily guide guests to your app.

Marketing - QR Code

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Getting Started

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