How do I set up running routes?

Set up custom walking, running and biking routes for your guests to explore. With the use of Google Maps Engine, you can easily create custom routes and share the link by adding a link to the appropriate fitness item in your app.

Login to https://www.google.com/maps/d/

Select "Create a new map." Give the map a title and description using the appropriate fields, then select save.

Search your hotel's address or run starting address in the search box. Add the location to your map.

Zoom in on the starting location.Then click on "Add Walking Route" or "Add Biking Route". Click the starting location once to start drawing the map, then drag the mouse around and click along the running route you envision.

After completing the route, make sure to double click the endpoint to seal it off. Then clean up the shape of the route by dragging the dropped circles.

Select the Share button towards the top left corner.

Under "Who has access", click on "Change". Make sure "Anyone with the link" is selected and the access is set to "view only". Select Save.

Copy the link at the top and add it to the running routes portion of your app.

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