Runtriz SendApp

RMS SendApp

The Runtriz SendApp feature delivers a direct link to your hotel app allowing your guests to discover your hotel’s offerings when it is convenient to them. All you need is their email or phone number to send the guest an invite directly in the RMS.

The Text or Email invite will contain an App link that guests will be able to open the application to access various offerings such as hotel information, local recommendations, room service ordering and amenities requests with a simple click on their device.

Guests will soon be “wowed” to have the App sent to their device and delighted to try out the hotel’s new technology.


  1. Login to the Portal

  2. Go to Request Management System (RMS)

  3. Enter in guest’s Email or Phone Number into the ‘Send Guest Application’ input box.

  4. Click the send button

  5. Verify that guest has received message and clicks the link to be redirected to Hotel App.

Directly informing your guests about the application is a great way to increase their overall experience during their stay. Guests will find it convenient and more efficient to communicate with your staff directly on their device.

Guest Engagement Examples:

Front Desk Staff

Be sure to check out our App to request anything amenities, order room service or review our local recommendations. I just need your email or phone number to send the App directly to your device.


How do I order room service?

Front Desk Staff

If I could please get your phone number or email I can send you our live room service menu to order directly from.


Where is a good place to eat around the hotel?

Front Desk Staff

We have many great recommendations in our App. I just need your email or phone number to send the App directly to your device.
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