Your staff are the ambassadors of your platform

1) How well does your staff know the platform?

The first step in boosting platform engagement is ensuring staff are well informed about the app regardless of their current involvement.

Show your staff the importance of understanding the app and how it not only benefits the guests, but the team as well. For example, properly using the functionality of the Request Management System helps improves operations by enhancing staff efficiency.

Even if staff do not have a direct roll in managing the app and its content, they should be trained and well informed on the application and its functionality so they can easily explain it to guests.

This is to ensure staff is actively marketing the app and can answer any follow up that guest may have.

Your staff is the first point of contact with your guests, which means it is important that they are able to explain the app and all its benefits.

2) Staff training

Make sure you or your staff is proactive in setting up and training new staff members.

The introduction section of the Runtriz Getting Started Guides are a great resource for familiarizing staff with the platform, its functionality, and the various components of the platform.

Recommended Training Topics:

  • Request Management System
  • Communicating with guest using the messenger tool
  • Understanding how to mark a request as open, in progress, and complete
  • Understanding escalation notifications
  • Platform functionality
3) Mentioning the App

In an effort to drive app engagement make sure your staff is proactive in Mentioning the App!

An important factor in delivering a great customer experience for your guests is predicting their needs and wants. This is where you want to mention the app to fill those needs.

For example: a business person who has had a long day or is jet lagged from a flight might be pressed for time. A great way to mention the app would be to say, “ If you need anything, feel free to send us a request through the app.

This is a quick and easy ways to get guests involved with the app.

For a more engaging interaction, mention the different things guest can do with the app. For example you can say, You can use the app to …” Request housekeeping
Find local restaurants & attractions
Request transportation, etc
For more of an upsell try suggesting pure revenue driving features like (if applicable to your property): Room Service (In-room Dining)
Spa Features

Most guests have never ordered room service through an app before so even mentioning this to guest will peak their interests.

4) Send Guest the App!

Have your front desk staff ask guest for their phone number or email and instantly send them the app through the RMS system. This is a great way to:

Drive more people to the app

Enhance the digital experience

Learn more about SendApp

5) Staff Management System

For staff members to be involved, make sure they have access to a user account. Additionally, make sure the Request Management System is open at the front desk at all times. With the goal of delivering an excellent guest experience, it’s important that staff are responding to requests in an effective and time efficient manner.

Email notifications are available for when guest send new messages or submit new requests. This will improve staff efficiency and guest experience.

Set up Staff Alerts to email your staff when a guest has submitted a request or message.

  • Request Alerts: Notifies staff when a guest submits a new and/or unfulfilled request.
  • Message Alerts: Notifies staff when a guest submits a new message or when a message has not been opened.
  • Apply Alerts to Users. Check off delay time boxes according to user email listed.

Be sure to also set up escalation notifications for to ensure staff efficiency and guest satisfaction. An example would be:

  • Front Desk - Immediate: Email Alert is sent when a guest submits a new request/message.
  • Front Desk Supervisor - 5min: Email Alert is sent 5 minutes after a new request/message has not been opened
  • General Manager - 10min: Email Alert is sent 10 minutes after a new request/message has not been opened.
  • * Custom escalation notifications can also be set-up to better meet the needs of your operation.
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