Monetize and incentivize your guests

Tip #1: Keep guests spending at the hotel.

Make sure to offer guests initial discount like free drink w/ purchase or 10% off spa services. These offers drive guests to services that they might have not used otherwise.

Creating incentives to use the platform will drive usage, requests, and produce incremental revenue for your property.

Tip #2: Upsell special offer packages.

Most hotels have holiday, family, or romance specials for their guests. Feel free to set this up in the app, while this doesn’t have to be a driving upsell, it can still be a great way to garner incremental revenue.

For example: If you mentioned a special offer to a guest and they decline be sure to tell them they can book through the app if they change their mind.

A better scenario would be to tell them if they book through the app there will be a discount. The key is to organize, consolidate and display offers in the app so that they are easily found and accessible to your guest.

Tip #3: Add upgrades and other revenue driving items
(If applicable to your property)

This is a great strategy to drive revenue seamlessly and is pretty easy to set up once you’ve had your minimum upgrade amount approved.

  • Room upgrades is a great upsell and the easiest way to garner incremental revenue through the app
    • Early check-in: associate variable charges with attaching a form to the early check-in requests will ask your guest
  • Late check-out: if your hotel charges for late check-out, this would be a good feature to include in the app to drive revenue

Once upgrades are set-up in the pre arrival section of the app, make sure to include the link in your pre arrival communications or confirmation emails.

Tip #4: Upsell sales partnerships to local companies like restaurants or other businesses.

Ex: Give the guests the ability to purchase special passes through the app or a special coupon that guests can present to the merchant in order to get a discount.

This shows the local business partners that you are sending them business while also boosting app engagement.

Tip #5: Room Service Menu

An ‘In Room Dining’ experience is what some of your guests may ask for when visiting your property:

  • After a long flight, an intense day of meetings or a pleasant day spent touring around your city, no place may be better than the comfort of your own room to enjoy a meal.
  • Get rid of order mismatch or misunderstandings by allowing your guests to make an interactive choice straight from their mobiles or computers.
  • Displaying your room service menu in the app will overall be a good publicity for your restaurants. Besides this, shows the caring attitude which inspires us every step of the way in hospitality.

What does a perfect menu look like?

Make it easy for your guests to scan and understand your offer. As you would do when creating a paper menu, start with dividing your menu in sections.
  • Clearly state your service availability. Are all your dishes available 24/7? If not, but you still offer room service at night, create a separate page for your night selection.
  • Guests who prefer to dine in their room are likely to order drinks as well. Do not forget to include a section that includes your best or most popular beverages.
  • Keep it up to date! It’s good practice to review your In room Dining menu each time your F&B team updates it.

Did you know, mobile menus are a true killer application for your outdoor venues?

Should your guests be loyal attendees of your swimming pool, this is for you. Lure your visitors into ordering refreshments with a simple click on their mobiles, a fast process that will help your staff organize deliveries, limiting the need of running around collecting orders.

If you haven’t entered a menu yet, here’s a handy tutorial which can guide you each step of the way. If you are on a busy schedule, do not worry, we can lend you a hand and process your menu on your behalf.
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