How well do you know your guests?

Understanding your platform’s performance.

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The Runtriz Analytic Tools
The best way to use your data
Turning insights into actions

Runtriz Analytic Tools

The Runtriz Analytic tools offers you the insights into your platform’s performance and on your guest’s journey.

How to use the your data

The best way to use and understand your data is to look at the big picture and then understand the smaller elements.

User Conversion

Displays the amount of guests who accessed your platform and how many of them have been converted to platform users. To find your conversion rate, simply divide active users by total devices. For example: In the last 30 days, the platform saw 30 devices and of those 30, 11 converted to active users (users who’ve made a click or request). For this example property, their conversion will be 37%. If your property’s conversion is lower than 20%, contact the Customer Success Team for more best practices.

Page View

This data reveals how many times a specific page on your platform loads, also known as impressions. This information shows you where your platform is getting the most traffic and can indicate what the most popular pages within your platform are.

Item Conversion

Helps you understand which topics your guests want more details about. This information is useful when determining which pieces of content your guest value. It’s important to always have relevant content displaying on your platform. So for example, if one of your platform’s Staff Picks have a low conversion, it might be beneficial to replace it with new content and monitor the data.

Item View

Acts like a reinforcement to Page Views. You can expect the most visited item viewed in your platform can be found inside your most viewed page. If that is not the case, it is probably time to update the content of a page to make it consistent with what guests expect to find in there. Similarly to your most visited pages, most viewed items are definitely a good place to include a call to action button.

Request Conversion

Items where a call to action (a request button) is already included, are then ranked in your Request Conversion list.

Form Report

Along with the conversion rate, this section also displays the form report. This report shows you a consolidation of data on all guest who’ve requested a particular item. For example: the check-in form report will show you how all guest answered the pre-registration questions. Let’s say in the last 30 days 100 guests have successfully checked-in. The report will show you the breakdown of how they answered each question. Are you curious about your guests’ preferred arrival time? Check out the form report!

Turn insights into actions.

  1. Review the Analytics often to assess your platform’s performance and health.

  2. Use the user conversion to assess how well your staff are promoting the platform and driving engagement

  3. Understand what content is relevant to your guest by regularly checking the top page and item views. If guests are not finding content useful, change it with something else.

  4. Use the form reports to better understand your guests’ preferences

  5. Make sure relevant content is easily accessible and replace content with low conversion rates

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