2) Give the Meeting Planner Access to the Event

The external Meeting Planner's user account MUST be created as a Manager (User Type) AND assigned to the Team Name that was created for his or her event.

NOTE: If this event is not being managed by an external meeting planner, you must still follow these steps in order to properly build a meeting/event in the CMS.

Go to "Staff Users" under the Staff Management section and select the "+User" button right below the Staff Users title.

Fill out the appropriate fields.

User Type. You MUST select Manager.

Assign Dept/Team. You MUST select the event's team from drop down menu.

Password. Use a simple password, the Meeting Planner can change it later.

Once the account is created, please provide the Meeting Planner with the following:

  1. A link to the portal. This should be the same link that you use to login, however, if your hotel does have branded login pages, please add "meetings" to the URL after "portal/login"

  2. Login Credentials (Username/Password)

  3. Documentation. Access to our Meeting & Event Planning Documentation.

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For Hotel Event Coordinators

Was this article helpful?