Content - General Settings

Allows you to edit titles and title previews for an item or category.

Edit Title

This is the main title that appears on a menu and on an item/category when opened.

Edit Short Description

The short description is a small glimpse into the category and may help put the item/category into context.

It is only displayed right below the item/category's title in a menu list. It is not displayed in a category or item when opened.

Edit Content

Content is the main body text of a category or item when opened. Content text uses a special kind of formatting called "Markdown".

Navigate to the item or category you wish to edit. Select the Content icon and insert text.

Select "Markdown Help" above the form for tips on how to use Markdown to format your Content text.

Tip: Include proper line spacing that way text doesn't appear too condensed or jumbled on the app.

Edit Price

Simply input the desired cost. This only edits the price and does not make the item requestable. You must enable the request

Edit Advanced Title

Allows the item/category title to differ from the menu listing once opened.

You may also change the page title to that of the menu name.

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