The Runtriz Dashboard

The Runtriz Dashboard contains marketing tools, guides and an app preview to help your app succeed.

These App Links have a special sourcing tag that allows you to track how guests accessed the app. Once either link has been implemented, you can access the data under Traffic Sources in Analytics.

  • Wifi Link - Use this link to set up the app on your Wi-Fi splash/landing page.

  • Pre-Arrival Link - Use this link to add the app to your pre-arrival emails.

QR Code

Select the Download button to use the QR code on marketing materials. When scanned with a QR reader, the QR code will open your app.

App Preview Generator

The App Preview Generator allows you to directly view your web-based app in a mobile frame.

Please keep in mind that any clicking will still be recorded in Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Select any of the FAQs to directly view its Guide within the Portal.

Use the "Report an Issue" button to contact us if you are experiencing any issues. Always make sure to provide as much detail as possible.

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