Analytics - Item Conversion table

  This product is currently in Beta testing and may not precisely reflect the correct data

The Item Conversion table displays users' level of engagement with your app's Item content.

Views. Number of times a device has opened this item. A single device can view an item multiple times.

Links. External links that can be followed by the user.

Contact Includes any web address, phone number, email, or fax link associated with an Item.

Files. Files that can be accessed through an Item.

Address. The Directions link that appears on Items with location information

Keep in mind that this table only shows Items that have actionable content. Items that are only informational will not be displayed here.

What is Conversion Percentage?

Conversion percentage is the total amount of users who selected any of the actionable content in an Item.

NOTE: An item can have conversion percentage over 100% and a single user/device can "convert" on an item multiple times.


Example Item Conversion table

In the example above, the item called "Example B" had 50 views, some of which could have been the same device viewing it multiple times. Overall it has a stellar 150% conversion rate because of those 50 views Example B's links were clicked 25 times, contact info used 25 times, and address (direction link) used 50 times.

The item called Example A has been less effective; it has been viewed 100 times but only ten percent of users who viewed it downloaded the file attached to it. Note that the sections marked "N/A" do not count toward the conversion percent.

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